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Saturday, September 28, 2013  9am-12pm

September 2010
The Property Crew had a busy spring and summer at Camp. 

Upper Lioli was remodeled this spring.  Our Handyman, Bob, moved the wall between the Counselor and Camper sides and we now have two multi stall bathrooms, one for the girls and one for the boys.  Tracy's garden outside Upper Lioli was a traffic stopper this summer, drawing not only butterflies and hummingbirds, but also new friends who noticed the beautiful blooms as they were passing Camp and who just had to stop to see what's going on.

The dining room in Dining Hall has been cleaned out and welcomed campers from our Wednesdays at Mishnoah summer program.   Once again, children's voices rang out in song in this wonderful old building.  Downstairs, work continues, cleaning, stacking, re-arranging.

Cook's Cabin got a thorough cleaning and is nearly ready to welcome guests.

In Head Cabin/Chief's Lodge work will continue this winter on finishing the renovation of the Little Kitchen.  There's a little work still to be done in the half bath, and the big bathroom's ready for a shower to be installed.  The parlor looks great and was a welcome refuge for our volunteers and visitors this summer.  We started digging out the dirt that's accumulated behind the cabin and will be using some of our old docks to fashion a retaining wall to keep the dirt up on the hill and away from the soon to be repaired siding at the back of the building.

We've started a Mishnoah Museum in Bagley Hall and have been busy hanging pictures and other artifacts that tell the story of Camp on it's walls.  The flags representing the home countries of our international staff are hanging from the rafters.  Downstairs, the Craft Shop rocked when the City Campers came to Mishnoah.

The slow process of jacking up the Wrens cabin has begun.  Bluebirds welcomed boys from our first rental group.  Owls and Eagles are nearly ready to re-open.

The water's on in the Infirmary.  Both the toilet and the shower work great.

The Basketball court is ready for use.

March 2010 Update
The Property Crew has been hard at work.  In January, we cleaned out the Dining Hall, upstairs and downstairs.  All the wood's been sorted and stacked, all three garage doors now open.  We started working in Head Cabin in February.  After prepping the walls, the little kitchen, half bath, big kitchen and bedroom got a few fresh coats of paint.  The full bath was remodeled, the floor replaced and the fixtures reinstalled using a new floor plan to
give us more space in that room.  As of today, we've got two working bathrooms and hot water in Head Cabin. 

2010 Goals for Camp
The Property Crew invites you to take part in a variety of projects at Camp.  In February, we'll be focusing on Head Cabin, Upper Lioli, and the Boat House.

We're going to update the little kitchen and bathroom in the front of Head Cabin.  The big kitchen, bedroom and full bath in the back will also get a face lift.  

In Upper Lioli, we've got to move the wall that divides the staff side from the camper side.  We need to create two multi stall bathrooms to serve the boys and girls who come to Camp.

The Boat House needs to be swept out and inventoried.  In the Spring we'll move it off the waterfront to Upper Grove.

We've also got roofs to replace and foundation supports to fix.   We need to finish painting the interior of the Eagles.  If funds allow, we'd like to paint the cabin exteriors this year.

We need volunteers of every skill level. 

We've got bags of sheets and blankets that need to be sorted, washed, and put into space bags for safekeeping.  

We've got mattresses and furniture that need to be cleaned and moved to rental cabins for the summer, then we need to have them moved back to storage at the end of the season.

And we've got lots of carpentry and painting projects too.

Hope to see you the second Saturday of the month.

Tracy, Buttons, & the Property Crew

 2009 Restoration and Renovation Projects at Camp

Our Property Manager, Jim, has been hard at work.  Last year, he rebuilt the Dining Hall foundation.  This winter he removed the water stained, mold covered ceiling panels. 
Then he hand scraped every square inch of the ceiling and repainted it.  It looks fabulous!

Jim's completed demolition of the old walk in refrigerator which had to be removed in order to fix the giant hole that opened up under the dishwasher.  Years of leaky pipes ruined that area of the floor and the supporting beams.

Volunteers from the United Way Day of Caring painted the cabin interiors covering up obscene amounts of graffiti that accumulated the last couple years Camp was open.

Bagley Hall floor has been repaired and refinished, it looks great.

Craft Shop has been moved from under Dining Hall to under Bagley Hall and is ready to welcome visitors.

Volunteers from the Camp Mishnoah Alumnae Association have been taking part in work weekends throughout the spring.  Leaves have been cleared from around each cabin, the roofs have been cleaned off, retaining walls have been rebuilt.  There's a new garden outside Upper Lioli.
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